Motorcycle Tours In Cyprus

“Cyprus has stunning scenery: mountain roads, hairpin bends, breathtaking views, valleys, rivers and beaches, with some of the most technical and rewarding biking roads in Europe.”

Don’t dream your life, live your dreams.

Adventure Angels

Adventure Angels Motorcycle Tours In Cyprus

Motorcycle adventures on the beautiful island of Cyprus. In the middle of the Mediterranean sea and at the most southern point of Europe Cyprus boasts an idyllic climate with over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Known as a popular holiday island the coastal regions are well known and popular with tourists from all over the world.

‘Our’ Cyprus is not so well known. A little piece of biker heaven. The long fast straights, the flowing bends, the tight twisties and the endless hairpins that run through the most amazing scenery. Cyprus does indeed have it all.

We would like to show you around ‘our’ Cyprus on a motorbike – what better way. Come and fall in love with Cyprus. 

Advanced & Refresher Tours

Unique to Adventure Angels Motorcycle Tours in Cyprus, our advanced rider coaches will coach you on the Police and RoSPA ‘system’. Come on holiday and return a better and safer rider!

Hub Guided Tours

Guided tours returning to the same accommodation every day. Bring your family on holiday and spend your time indulging in riding while your family enjoy all the benefits of a beach holiday.

Roving Guided Tours

Similar to a traditional motorbike tour with a number of accommodation locations. Our support vehicle will carry all of your luggage leaving you free to make the most of your riding.

Self Guided Tours

Want to enjoy all that Cyprus has to offer but don’t want to be tied to someone else’s timescale? Our self-guided tours offer the solution with a number of tours of different lengths and interests. 

Advanced Riding Tours

Learn The Police System


improve your skills


learn the Police/RoSPA system


take your RoSPA Advanced Rider exam


receive cheaper insurance back in the UK

Private Group Tours & Bundles

See a tour you like, or a couple of tours you like and have 3 or more of you? You can book a private tour which can include all of your favourite aspects of any of the tours we offer and on the dates you wish (subject to availability). Get in touch to speak with us about options.

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